Now Accepting Pitches: ‘How I Got Radicalized’

Tell us a story about a cultural moment—a TV show, commercial, character, song, book, musical, so on—that made you drastically rethink how society works.

Why was everyone in Rent friends with a landlord? How did anyone on Friends afford those apartments? Was Annie really just about winner-take-all philanthropy in which the rich underfund social services to feel better about themselves? (Also, cute dog!)

‘How I Got Radicalized’ is a new series from GEN that looks at the pop culture that framed our thinking about society in surprising ways. These can be revelations big or small about how you understood class, inequality, or place inside a system. Tell us about how this piece of pop culture changed your understanding or led to a political awakening. The more surprising the piece of pop culture the better. (A Pizza Hut commercial? Surprising! Reading The Communist Manifesto? Not so surprising).

Here’s the first installment from Clio Chang, about the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels and the iconic Lucy Liu.

Please send your pitches to with the subject Pitch: “How I Got Radicalized,” Tell us what the piece of pop culture is, give us some of its history, and outline how you plan to write about it.

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